Following the 2016 Community Health Assessment and Improvement Plan, chronic disease was selected as one of the top three health priorities in Kane County. A Chronic Disease Action Team was formed to collaborate on and address managing and preventing chronic disease throughout Kane County.

The Chronic Disease Action Team’s mission is to help Kane County community members manage and prevent the onset of chronic disease. To help meet this mission, the action team has identified outcome objectives and impact objectives, with the overall mission of reducing chronic disease in Kane County residents by 2030.

Some examples of this team in action can be seen in Kane County through the following:

  • Increased the accessibility of sidewalks and bike paths.
  • Walk to school and bike to work challenges.
  • Created an online map where users can find pedestrian and bike trails.
  • Improved access to nutritional food options throughout Kane County.

You can read more about how Kane County is combating chronic disease at Kane Health Counts or by visiting www.kanehealthcounts.org. Please check out our Action Team page for a list of organizations involved in our Action Team.

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